Four Land-Based Casino Strategies That Do Not Work Online

Four Land-Based Casino Strategies That Do Not Work Online

Online casinos certainly offer a whole host of benefits to players. From endless bonuses to a wider selection of games, to the cost savings involved, there are many reasons to play casino games online rather than in a land casino.

However, nothing is all one-sided. When you play online, there are also some downsides. For example, some great casino strategies just don’t work at online casinos.

Whereas you can use these to gain an edge in casinos in Vegas, Atlantic City, Macau, or anywhere else, it’s pointless to try them online. They won’t work, and we’re going to explain why.

Reading People in Poker

Ask any veteran poker player, and they’ll tell you that every player has a tell. These subconscious mannerisms can give seasoned players some insight into what their competitor’s hand might be.

For example, some players take a deeper breath when they receive good cards. Others frown subconsciously, even if only for a millisecond when they’re disappointed by their hand. These microexpressions can tell a poker expert everything they need to know.

This art of reading people is ineffective when you play poker online. Since you can’t physically see your opponents, you can’t read them in this way. It’s still possible to quickly learn how players will react to certain situations in online poker rooms, but this isn’t the same as reading them across the table.

Card Counting in Blackjack

Card counting is so effective that casinos will flat out remove and ban you for using this strategy at the blackjack tables. Some high-profile individuals such as UFC boss Dana White and actor Ben Affleck have been banned from playing blackjack at Vegas casinos for card counting.

Why doesn’t this work online? Because the cards are shuffled after every hand in online blackjack games. They’re often played with eight decks, too, which makes counting cards a lot harder.

While card counting won’t work online, you can still use blackjack strategy charts to bring the house edge down to fractions of a percent. Since the casino dealer can’t see you sitting behind your computer screen, they will never know you’re using a cheat sheet.

Forming Slot Syndicates

Imagine the following scenario – there are 12 Megabucks machines in a certain casino, and you and your friends slowly take up positions at all of them, ensuring that should the progressive jackpot land in this casino, one of you is getting it.

The key here is to agree to split the jackpot. If splitting it 12 ways doesn’t seem too tempting, take into consideration that progressive jackpots can be worth tens of millions of dollars.

This strategy obviously doesn’t work online. You could be one of the thousands of players trying to win a progressive jackpot at the same time. No matter how many players you work with to try and win the progressive jackpot, some random guy or gal could win it on their first spin in another part of the world.

To be honest, this strategy isn’t even that effective in land casinos, but it is a total wipeout when you play slots online.

Finding Dealer Habits

This is a controversial roulette strategy that some players swear by, but that others dismiss as pure fantasy. Still, there are enough people out there who believe in it that we feel justified in including it here.

This strategy involves watching a roulette dealer and studying their mannerisms. Do they tilt their hand slightly in a certain direction every time they drop the ball onto the wheel? Do they put a little spin on the ball? If so, they’re likely completely unaware they are doing so.

Players who believe in this strategy claim that these subconscious dealer habits can cause the ball to land in a certain area of the wheel more often than it should statistically. They can even record the results over a few dozen spins and see if their hunch is correct.

This is next to impossible when you play roulette online. You’ll either be playing against a computer program, or you’ll be playing in live games where the camera angle changes often and/or you can’t study the dealer close enough to discover their habits.

We’ll leave it to you to decide whether or not there’s anything to this roulette strategy. However, we can tell you for sure that it won’t work online.


You can’t beat the house in the end, no matter how hard you try. The objective should always be to get in, get lucky, and get out before you lose what you’ve won. However, you can improve your chances with casino game strategies. Just don’t try to use these ones online. They’ll let you down every single time!

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