Top Rated Bitcoin Casino Sites for 2020

If you feel like you are being bombarded by news about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies these days, you aren’t wrong. The whole world seems to be captivated by this new, decentralized “currency.” However, did you know that the online gambling world has been using these payment types for years already? In fact, online casinos and poker sites were some of the first outside of the Dark Web to accept Bitcoin as a potential payment option for players.

We are going to focus our attention on this page to Bitcoin Casinos – which ones accept the payment method, what you should be looking for when you are searching out a site to play, and why people are flocking to this digital currency.

The Best Bitcoin Casino Sites

Let’s start with the dessert course, shall we? Some of you are impatient enough or have the information you need, and just want to get to finding a casino. Here are some of the best Bitcoin sites we have come across in our travels. As you can see from the list below, some of these casinos accept Bitcoin exclusively for real money play, while others also accept more traditional forms of payment. In both cases, these sites also offer great games and bonuses which should make your time spent with them very enjoyable.

Why Use Bitcoin for Transactions?

We are going to skip over how to actually use Bitcoin for the purposes of this page, however, if you aren’t sure where to begin, have no fear – we have a page dedicated to how to use Bitcoin at a casino right here for you to read. Now, why would someone go to all the trouble of opening a Bitcoin account and finding a site that accepts it in the first place? Well, there are many reasons, and we will review a couple of them here.


Without going into all the details, the fact that Bitcoin is a totally decentralized, encrypted currency means that there is no personal information that is being compromised by posting it online. This means a lot to people these days, especially when it feels like every day we are hearing about yet another data breach somewhere. For the casino world, using Bitcoin means that sites won’t have your financial data which makes your overall experience far safer.


If you have been watching the news lately, you will see that the Bitcoin market is incredibly exciting and slightly volatile these days. As more people understand the currency and trade in it, then it will start to stabilize and be much more like the traditional currency market. Those who have been in Bitcoin from the outset are making millions of dollars from the currency itself, so spending some of it gambling seems like playing with house money. OF course, we are not endorsing Bitcoin as an investment vehicle, but it is something to keep in mind when you decide to open a wallet and fund it.

What Makes a Great Bitcoin Casino Site, Anyway?

Today, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of casino sites that offer Bitcoin as a payment solution. So why would you choose one over another? Well, in many instances it can simply come down to where you live, as some sites are not available to residents of particular countries. However, to choose between sites that you can access, we offer these attributes that our review team look for as they research a site.

Game Selection

Some Bitcoin-only sites offer their own casino software as well, which can make for a very different player experience than a site that uses a more common vendor for its games. The most important factor to us when we look at casino software is that a site is offering the most games with the highest quality. This way, you shouldn’t get bored and want to leave the site. The casino offering can come from multiple software vendors if it is being distributed in a no-download format, so we also look for casinos that have multiple partners.

Customer Support

This is likely going to be your first time using a cryptocurrency so you may run into some issues you have never dealt with before. Having a 24-hour support department is a must in our books, especially when it comes to players having questions about finances. The best support departments will be trained by using Bitcoin or will be able to access someone with that information quickly, so you are not waiting too long for a solution. There is a bonus we give if a site offers a toll-free telephone number for you to reach a live body.

Currency Preferences

While many sites allow you to deposit using Bitcoin, most of them also require you to convert the money to USD when you are playing the games. This can sometimes be accompanied by a horrible exchange rate which can cost you in addition to the money you may lose gambling. You should look for sites that offer gameplay in mBit so you can keep track of all the transactions and not incur any unnecessary costs that could affect your bottom line.


While the cryptocurrency market is still very much in its infancy, it appears to be more than a passing fad. Where these decentralized currencies end up is anyone’s guess at this stage, but Bitcoin is far an away the leader from an adoption standpoint. This is, in large part, due to the early adoption as a payment method for online casino sites. Today, you can find many sites that not only offer the currency for transactions but also a chance to play the games without converting to USD or Euro.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bitcoin Safe?

The fact that Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, it is very safe from a data breach perspective. However, the currency is not being used by enough people to have the value stabilize, and with all the talk about early adopters manipulating the market, we must stress that this currency does involve a fair amount of risk.

Can I use Bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals?

If a casino allows you to, then yes you can. Some sites offer it only for deposits, in which case you will be required to use a different method for payouts. The long-term hope is that all sites that offer the cryptocurrency for deposits will also allow you to move the money back to your wallet.

Do casinos promote using Bitcoin?

YES! In fact, many casinos will offer a higher bonus rate for players who use the cryptocurrency for deposits. Of course, getting a better rate is only worth it if you can actually convert any of the bonus money, so you should refer to the Terms and Conditions of a Bitcoin offer before making the decision to use the payment method. You can find all the highlighted Bitcoin offers in each of our site reviews.