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The Best VIP Casinos on 2020

Check out this list of VIP casinos. We’ve written an in-depth review of each of these sites. Either read them or visit the casinos for yourself to find out more about them. Don’t forget to claim your high-stakes bonuses when you sign up!

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What Is VIP Status at the Casino?

Casino VIPs are the most valued players, both online and offline. If you become one, you’ll have access to special features and extra rewards that other players won’t. It’s only fair, right? You spend more, so you get more in return.

If you become a casino VIP at a land casino, you’ll get rewards such as free stays in VIP suites, access to private gaming lounges, and complimentary food and drinks. Some of the top casinos will even send limos to pick up their VIP players.

At online casinos, the rewards are different. We’ll get into more depth on them in a dedicated section below. They include bigger bonuses, faster withdrawals, the waiving of any applicable fees, and so much more.

In a nutshell, VIP status makes you a special player. Casinos will value you more, and they’ll go the extra mile to make sure you don’t leave them and start playing somewhere else. At the best VIP casinos, you’ll be treated like royalty.

How to Join a Casino VIP Program

Some online casinos will include every single player on their VIP program. All you have to do is register and make a deposit, and you’ll start accumulating VIP points right away. Every bet and wager will count.

At other casinos, you have to earn your place on the VIP program. Only true high rollers get invited into the programs. This is typically done in a number of different ways.

  • By Invitation

    When you bet enough, someone at the casino will notice. A VIP account manager will contact you by email or telephone to invite you to the program.

  • Earning It

    Some casinos will tell you exactly what you need to do to earn a place on their VIP program. For example, you might need to bet $1,000 within a month.

  • By Degrees

    Some casinos bring you into their VIP programs step by step. You’ll trigger different levels as you accumulate VIP points or make big enough bets to qualify.

Every casino has a unique VIP program. While they all share similarities, they are also all different. Likewise, you qualify for them in slightly different ways, but there are a few “rules of thumb” that you can rely on.

The Advantages of Becoming a Casino VIP

We mentioned that every VIP casino has different and unique ways to reward its special players. Here are a few of the most common VIP rewards.

  1. VIP Bonuses and Promotions

    Every online casino offers bonuses and promotions to regular players, but VIPs have access to bigger and better bonuses. Other players often don’t even know about them. They’re bigger, and they typically have lower wagering requirements and more favorable terms and conditions.

  2. Faster Withdrawals

    If you get frustrated by long withdrawal times at online casinos, the best way to make them disappear forever is to become a VIP player. If you spend enough, you’ll get your money much faster than other players. Typically, VIPs get their payouts within a couple of hours.

  3. Higher Withdrawal Limits

    .The way you get to be a casino VIP is to spend big. So, naturally, you will enjoy larger deposit and withdrawal limits. You’ll be able to withdraw tens of thousands a day on most casino VIP programs. You might also get access to higher stakes games with bigger betting limits.

  4. Personal VIP Managers

    Casinos are always keen to keep VIP players happy, so they’ll give you a personal account manager when you reach a certain level on their VIP program. They will handle your questions and requests personally. You will enjoy a different level of service.

  5. Gifts and Rewards

    We have seen casino VIP programs that send iPads and new iPhones to their most valued players. However, the rewards are not always physical. Sometimes, it is free spins, a huge reload bonus, or something else to use in the casino. In any case, you will be rewarded regularly on the best casino VIP programs.

  6. Invitations to Events

    Some of the top online casinos give their VIPs tickets to sold-out concerts, sports events, and 5-star holidays such as weekends in Las Vegas or cruises.

What to Expect From a Top VIP Casino

Let’s shift gears for a moment and focus on the casinos themselves rather than the VIP programs. We take a great deal of care to make sure that only the best VIP casinos make our recommended list.

  • Safety and Security

    This is especially important for VIP players who typically bet larger amounts of money. You need to be 100% sure that the casino is legit and secure. We make sure of that for you.

  • Fair and Fast Payouts

    As a high roller, you probably will be withdrawing large amounts when you win. We make sure that you get your jackpots and winnings quickly and without large withdrawal fees.

  • High-Quality Games

    You will be able to play slot machines, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, keno, craps, and other VIP casino games. You can also play table and card games with live dealers at the top VIP casinos.

  • Top VIP Rewards

    We have already touched on this above. You’ll enjoy lots of perks and rewards, including bigger and better bonuses, personal account managers, and more.

  • Mobile Compatibility

    Whether you’re using an iOS or Android device or another device like a Blackberry or Windows phone, VIP casinos will work perfectly in your browser. Some also offer apps for download.

  • Superior Customer Support

    Even before you get a personal account manager, you’ll be able to get in touch 24/7 with the casino support team. You’ll receive the fast, professional service you deserve.

High Stakes Casino Games

You can play almost every casino game you can think of at VIP casinos online. As a VIP, casinos want to keep you entertained, and so the games are almost countless. As a VIP, you’ll likely have access to high stakes tables that other players won’t.

  • Slot Machines – Some slot machines will allow you to bet up to $5,000 per spin.
  • Table Games – VIP casinos offer roulette and craps as well as sic bo and other table games.
  • Card Games – You can play blackjack, baccarat, and all kinds of poker at high roller casinos online.
  • Live Games – You can play cards or table games with beautiful live dealers from all over the world. This feels a lot like playing in a real casino.
  • Alt. Games – From 3D sports races to instant-win scratchcards, VIP casinos online offer lots of novelty games.

VIP Casinos – Frequently Asked Questions

Why do casinos offer VIP rewards?
It’s in their interest to do so. They don’t want you to leave and play at another casino. Since you’re a high-stakes player, they want to keep your business. It’s as simple as that.
Can sports bettors qualify for VIP programs?
Some casinos have different VIP programs for sports bettors and casino players. Some gambling sites merge them together so that bets on both products count towards one set of rewards.
Do US casinos have VIP programs?
Yes, some of them do. New Jersey casinos, which are allowed to run online for players in the state, have VIP programs. Most US online casinos also have some VIP rewards.
Will I need to maintain VIP status? How so?
Yes, this is the reason why most casino VIP programs have levels. If you don’t maintain your status by betting the same amount, you'll start dropping down through the levels, and your rewards will diminish.
Does every casino have a VIP rewards system?
No, but all of the casinos listed on this page do. Make sure to check out what they offer VIP players.
Can I use VIP perks at land casinos?
You often can if the online casinos have a land-based venue. Likewise, you can sometimes transfer your land-based rewards online.
What’s the best casino VIP program?
It depends on a few factors, such as what games you play and what sort of rewards you prefer. Read our casino reviews to find out what’s on offer and how to qualify.