High Roller Online Casinos

If you’ve got money to spend and are looking for the top high roller online casinos, you’ll be glad you found us. We’ve taken the hard work out of searching for the right casino website. Check out our list of high stakes casinos on the table below for the biggest VIP bonuses and access to exclusive casino games. These high stakes casinos specialize in serving players with bigger bankrolls.

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What Is a High Roller?

If you want to qualify for the top casino VIP programs, it helps to know what a high roller is defined as. The answer is different depending on whether you’re playing at a land-based casino or online.

In land-based casinos, you’ll need to be spending tens of thousands in a night. Even $10,000 will only qualify you as a mid-level VIP at some of the world’s top casinos. If you spend $20,000 or above, it’s fair to say that most casino managers will take notice and tag you as a VIP.

At online casinos, the stakes required to qualify as a whale are much smaller. If you deposit and play with $1,000, most online casinos will consider you a high roller. This can unlock lots of VIP rewards. We’ll elaborate more on those in the next section.

It’s certainly nice to be treated like a casino VIP. Like most businesses, casinos will bend over backwards to try to keep you spending the big bucks. When you play high stakes casino games online at multiple sites, you’ll often find casinos trying to outdo each other to win you over with bigger bonuses and more attractive rewards. Take full advantage and play them off each other. They’re good for it!

High Roller Online Casino Programs – VIP Rewards

What are the benefits of being a high roller? What do you stand to gain by wagering thousands of dollars at casinos? Besides the chance to win larger payouts, there are some specific rewards that you’ll unlock when the casino thinks of you as a “casino whale.” Winning access to the VIP program is the first priority.

What Is a Casino VIP Program?

A casino VIP program is a lot like any other loyalty program. If you earn points for spending on your credit card or for shopping at a certain store, you’re already familiar with how basic loyalty programs work.

Casino VIP programs are based on the same idea, but they are structured slightly differently, and they offer much more in return. Most casino loyalty programs have points-based systems, but they usually have multiple levels. The higher you climb, the bigger and better the rewards become. It’s not unusual for a casino VIP program to have five or more levels.

What sort of rewards can you look forward to? We’ve got a whole section dedicated to explaining them below. However, in summary, you can get faster payouts, better conversion rates for your points, personal account managers, and much more.

How to Join Casino VIP Programs?

At many high stakes casino sites, you’ll automatically join the VIP program. If this is the case, the casino will notify you when you’re close to reaching a new level or when you have already done so.

Some casinos run their VIP programs on an invite-only basis. If you join such a casino, you’ll get an email or a call from a VIP account manager once you qualify.

The Best High Roller Online Casinos 2020

We’ve provided a list of the best high roller casinos at the top of this page. In this section, we want to explain why we decided to include these sites. All of them passed our high roller casino reviews with flying colors. Every casino listed above meets the following standards.

  • Quality High Stakes Games

    You can play top-quality slot machines, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, craps, video poker, keno, and lots of other casino games at our approved high stakes casinos. We also make sure that the betting limits are suitable for high rollers. You can wager thousands per hand, spin, or roll of the dice at these casinos.

  • Generous and Fair Bonuses

    High roller casino bonuses should always be bigger and better than those offered to average players. We read the terms and conditions to make sure they’re fair as well. On top of regular bonuses, we make sure that the VIP programs are fit for high stakes players.

  • Fast, Fee-Free Banking Methods

    You can deposit and withdraw by Visa, Mastercard, Amex, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Bitcoin, and lots of other payment methods. What payment methods you can use depends on where you’re playing. We also take extra care to make sure deposits and withdrawals are fee-free. 1% of a $50,000 withdrawal is a lot of money, so we try to find high stakes casinos with no fees.

  • Stellar Customer Support

    As a high roller, you’re presumably going to be spending a lot of money at the casino. Slow service from operators who can’t be bothered is unacceptable for a player of your caliber. We test the customer support agents and make sure that the casino offers 24/7 service for VIPs.

Top Land Casinos for High Rollers

As you might expect, there are lots of land casinos with great VIP programs. Casinos in Vegas, Macau, London, and elsewhere offer excellent player rewards programs for those who bet big.

  1. The Bellagio – This iconic Vegas casino is run by MGM Resorts. You’ll earn comp points, will earn free play on slots, can shop in the luxury resort stores at a discount, could enjoy complimentary limo rides to and from your hotel, and if you really bet big, they might even put you up in one of their VIP resort suites. The Bellagio VIP program is top-notch.

  2. The Ritz Club – London’s best-known casino knows how to reward high rollers. You will earn comp points on every bet, can take in the casino’s infamous live shows for free, and will be wined and dined at its premium restaurant.

  3. Casino Golden Dragon – If you happen to be gambling in Macau, this Asian casino is one of the best. It has several suites for high rollers to stay in, there are two gourmet restaurants to dine in, and you’ll enjoy discounts on jewelry and souvenirs.

High Roller Benefits and Privileges

Every casino high roller program is different. We’ve seen everything from simple points-based systems to in-depth programs that play like video games. Some of these are truly innovative and involve following maps, completing missions, unlocking rewards, and more.

Whatever sort of package they come in, there are some rewards and benefits common to all casino VIP programs.

  1. Faster Withdrawals

    Getting your winnings faster is one of the rewards that most loyalty programs offer. Instead of waiting 24-48 hours for the cashier to verify your payment, you can have your jackpots verified within minutes.

  2. Bigger Bonuses

    Extra free spins, bigger deposit bonuses, and faster accumulation of loyalty points are some of the rewards available to high rollers. You’ll usually get a better rate of conversion on your loyalty points, too. For example, if you can trade 100 points for 10 free spins at the silver level, you might only have to trade 80 for the same number of free spins when you reach the gold level.

  3. VIP Account Managers

    Instead of dealing with the same customer support team that everybody else has to interact with, you’ll get your own account manager when you reach the upper levels of most casino rewards programs. They’ll do everything in their power to make your gaming experience as enjoyable as possible.

  4. Invitations to Events

    Some high roller casinos invite big-spending players to exclusive events such as football matches, sold-out concerts, and even cruises with other players in exotic locations. You’ll have to be a true whale to unlock these rewards, and not every casino offers them, but they’re out there for the taking.

How to Become a High Roller

What does it take to become a high roller? That depends on the casino you’re playing at. Most high roller online casinos will spell it out for you in an easy to understand format. You can usually see every level of the rewards program, how many points you’ll need to unlock it, and what the rewards are. Some casinos even have progress bars and trackers that let you know how close you are to unlocking the next level or reward.

At some casinos, you need to fill up progress bars to unlock the next level of a rewards program. As soon as you have done so, you’ll get the next VIP casino reward.

At the top VIP casinos, there will be structured programs with levels. The casino reserves the biggest and best rewards for those of you who reach the top levels. These are usually called gold, diamond, exclusive, or something else fitting for the top level.

The amount of money you’ll have to spend to qualify and maintain your position will also vary from one high roller casino to the next. You might be able to access VIP rewards for wagering $1,000 a month. However, to access the top levels and rewards, most casinos will require you to wager $5,000 or more.

For some high rollers, $5,000 is chump change, and they could easily spend that in a single gaming session. For others, it’s quite a bit of money. Don’t risk what you can’t afford to lose trying to unlock a new casino VIP level. Enjoy the rewards you can comfortably afford and always gamble responsibly!

What to Expect from very best VIP Casinos

The top casino VIP programs aren’t open to everyone. Most of the average-level casino VIPs won’t even know about them. Some of them remain hidden until you reach the top level of the standard VIP program, or until you deposit and wager an amount that grabs your account manager’s attention and screams “WHALE ALERT!”

Some of what you can look forward to at the best VIP casinos include:

  1. Private Hotlines – While most VIPs will get an account manager of their own, the biggest high rollers often get personal hotlines with someone on call 24/7.

  2. VIP Invitations – Fancy watching the Champions League final in a private box? How about a backstage pass to the next tour of your favorite band? If that doesn’t do it, what about a 5-star weekend at a Mediterranean resort with other high rollers? These rewards are only available to the biggest spenders.

  3. Casino Comps – If the online casino is affiliated with land-based casinos, you might get an invitation to spend a night in the VIP suite at no cost, and you’ll likely be lavished with free drinks and meals when you’re there. You might also have access to exclusive VIP gaming lounges.

How to Choose the Best High Roller Casino

There are very few casinos, online or otherwise, that will turn away a high roller. That means that as a big spender, you have an abundance of choices. What sites should you play at, and what ones should you avoid? Refer to this checklist to help you decide.

Is the Casino Safe and Secure?

This is always important, but it becomes extra important when you’re a high roller. The last thing you want is for a hacker to access your account and run up charges on your Visa Gold Card. Finding a safe VIP casino is of paramount importance.

Are the Betting Limits Suitable?

There are different levels of high rollers. For some, $50 per spin or hand is enough, and for others, it will take $1,000 per spin to get the juices flowing. Make sure that the high roller casino you are researching offers betting limits to suit you.

Is the Rewards Program Favorable?

We’ve already mentioned what various casino rewards programs for high rollers offer. However, no two programs are the same. Make sure that you shop around for maximum rewards. Since the casino is happy to take every dime you wager, you should aim to extract the best rewards in return.

These are considerations specific to high rollers and VIPs. Scroll back up the “best high roller casinos” section for some other criteria you should look for before playing at any casino site.

Frequently Asked Player’s Questions

What casino has the best VIP program?
Each casino’s VIP program is unique. There will be no two programs that are exactly the same. We suggest checking out the VIP programs linked to the casinos on the table at the top of this page. Each one offers something different for casino whales.
What’s the maximum amount I can bet at online casinos?
We have seen live dealer table games with betting limits of $10,000 per hand. There are also plenty of slot machines that accept thousands of dollars per spin. There are also games especially for high rollers. Such games often have minimum bets of $1,000 per hand or spin.
Can I transfer comp points earned in land casinos to online casinos or vice versa?
Sometimes, if an online casino also has land-based casinos, this is possible. For example, at many New Jersey online casinos, you can cash out your online winnings at the casino cage in Atlantic City.
I like to bet on sports, too. Are there high roller programs for punters as well as casino players?
Absolutely. In fact, some high roller gambling sites offer VIP programs for both. There are many high stakes gambling sites that offer casino games and sports betting through one online account.
What does a typical VIP welcome bonus look like?
We have seen high roller bonuses of up to 100% on $10,000. You could also get hundreds of free spins on slots. Lots of casinos also offer reload bonuses worth thousands of dollars as soon as you’ve used up your welcome bonus.