Mastercard Casinos

We thought of many clever jokes to use when we decided to start writing a section of our site about online casinos that accept Mastercard, but we figured you have already heard enough of them, so we thought we would pass. However, what is no joke is that the number of sites that accept Mastercard has shrunk over the years, so finding a great option for you if this is the payment method you want to use is becoming more difficult. That is really why we put this page together – we wanted to show you what to look for in an excellent Mastercard casino site, as well as why people would choose this method rather than others. Most people visiting an online casino are familiar with Mastercard, one of the world’s biggest payment platforms. Patrons feel confident when they see the famous Mastercard logo, knowing they have an efficient and secure way to deposit and withdraw at an online gaming venue. Importantly, Mastercard casinos are widely available with most online casinos supporting the payment method. In this guide, we will walk you through online casinos that accept Mastercard and why the platform should be on your list of payment methods. It is worth noting that many online casinos also support Maestro, which is Mastercard’s brand of debit cards. Yes, that means you can use Mastercard and Maestro to make debit or credit card payments.

The Best Mastercard Casino sites

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Now, we say that the numbers of sites accepting this form of payment are dwindling, but that really depends on where you live. Players in North America are having a harder time than ever getting the deposits approved, while in Europe, it is a more viable option. The list of recommended sites we have put together for you here represents not only the best of the sites when it comes to things like customer service and promotions but also a spread between sites that are available to Americans and those that are not. Our team is confident that you will be well taken care of by any of these casinos.

Why Use Mastercard at an Online Casino?

Most casino players value Mastercard because it is a respected and famous brand known for its secure and fast payments. Thanks to its popularity, finding an online casino that accepts Mastercard is not difficult. In fact, almost all online casinos will offer it as a form of deposit and withdrawal payment. Mastercard is the second-largest global credit and debit card company and works with over 25,000 banks and financial providers. In other words, if you want to use Mastercard or Maestro at an online casino, you can! Online gambling venues want to appeal to as many customers as possible, which is why more provide access to Mastercard payments for deposits and withdrawals.

Mastercard Policy Towards Online Casinos

Mastercard is both a credit card provider and debit card company through its Maestro brand (as well as Mastercard branded debit cards). The company has an open policy towards online casinos and allows its customers to spend their money how they want. However, there may be some limitations in place depending on where you live. Some countries, such as the United States, restrict online casino operations. In these jurisdictions, Mastercard’s hands are tied and the company cannot provide support to online casinos. In countries with an open gambling framework, such as the UK, the majority of online gambling houses will allow patrons to deposit and withdraw using Mastercard or Maestro.

Safety and Security of Mastercard Online Casinos

Mastercard is well-known for its stunning security that focuses on protecting the financial and personal information of customers. With various measures in place, Mastercard ensures your money is always safe and protected. For example, Mastercard ID Theft Protection is a best-in-class feature that protects against identity theft for free. As well as security steps like multi-factor authentication (MFA), Mastercard also uses cutting edge chip technology in its cards. For online services, the company offers its MasterCard SecureCode, which provides you with a one-off code to use for all online purchases, including casino transactions. Another interesting security feature on Mastercard cards is tokenization, which allows you to input a unique token code instead of your card number when making purchases. “Safety and security are core to our brand. Every day, we are committed to developing new and better ways to keep payments safe – especially for small businesses, the lifeblood of any economy.” – Ron Green, chief security officer, Mastercard.
Pros and cons
  • Accepted by almost every casino

  • Extremely secure

  • Instant, no-fee, deposits

  • Excellent customer support

  • Debit card transactions also available

  • Sometimes carries a fee for withdrawals

  • Not supported in some US casinos

  • Withdrawals take up to five business days

Why Use Mastercard for Transactions?

There are a few reasons that players might choose Mastercard for their casino transactions. First, the card is in some places easier for a player to apply and be approved for than Visa or American Express. Perhaps it is competition that makes Mastercard a little more flexible with the qualifications required for a card, but whatever the reason, we are happy that so many players are still being approved for cards. The convenience of using a credit card to make deposits at an online casino has long been known by players across the board. While there are some excellent third-party processors that likely have higher approval rates, these typically require a full registration process followed by funding from a credit card before a deposit can be made. Using a Mastercard when it is an available option means you don’t need to create a new account, and hopefully, the transaction is effortless.

How to Deposit Using Mastercard

Mastercard is noted for its ease of use, so it’s within the best interests of casinos to allow customers to make easy deposits. Luckily, that’s the case and depositing funds to a Mastercard casino is simple. Thanks to quick transactions, you can start playing without any delays while also knowing your financial and personal details are secure. Follow these steps to make a deposit at Mastercard casinos:
    1. Get a Mastercard card – Of course, you’ll need to have a Mastercard issued card. The company provides various credit cards and debit cards. You can apply for cards through banks and other lenders.
    2. Join a reputable Mastercard casino – All the best online casinos accept Mastercard as a payment option, so choose the venue that’s best for you and sign up. Registering for online casinos has never been easier and takes just a couple of minutes.
    3. Start the deposit process – Once you are up and running at the online casino, head to the cashier section that is usually clearly displayed on the page. Form the multiple deposit options you see, select Mastercard.

How to Withdraw Using Mastercard

Withdrawing money from online casinos that accept Mastercard is just as easy as making a deposit. However, you should remember it can take up to five days for withdrawn funds to appear in your bank account. Follow these steps to withdraw from a Mastercard casino:

What Makes a Great Mastercard Casino Site, Anyway?

How you choose a casino is really an individual thing, but we have a team of experts whose job is to review every aspect of a casino so that you don’t have to. When it comes to sites that offer Mastercard as a payment option, that might be enough for many of you who are looking for a site at which to play. However, there are some things you should consider when you are getting ready to make your first deposit.

Security and Integrity

This may be the most important thing that our team looks for, especially since so many of us have lived through some of the terrible acts of fraud that have taken place in this industry over the last 20 years. The first thing to look for is if a casino has a gaming license. The majority of sites do these days, but where the license is from is almost as important. Jurisdictions like the UK or Malta are well-known to be very player-friendly, while locations like Kahnawake and Curacao are better for operators than players.

Bonuses and Offers

The best sites, regardless of payment method, are the ones that offer the best mix of welcome bonuses and ongoing promotions. However, many sites also offer method-specific deposit bonuses. We are always on the hunt for sites that offer a special bonus only to Mastercard users, and when we find this information, we post it on our review page for that casino.

Software Selection

This is a touchy subject in our offices. Some of our reviewers believe that most table games are essentially the same, so it doesn’t matter what provider has been selected. For others, the volume of games is the most important consideration, while still more consider the range of game options to be the crucial piece. Regardless of what you think is the most important, there is one common thread – the software needs to have excellent graphics and great speed. Sites that offer games featuring a lag are detrimental to keeping players loyal.

Terms and Conditions

This is a big one for us as well, while it might be something you overlook while you are searching for the right place to play. When you are playing at a site, you should always be aware of anything that might trip you up, such as not realizing what it takes to clear a bonus or what the wait time is to have your payout processed. These minor details can add up to major pain for some players, so we comb through the pages of site rules to make sure nothing out of the ordinary will come back to bite you.

What the Experts Say

“Ensuring payments are both convenient and secure has always been a top priority for Mastercard… We believe that this starts with a commitment to the responsible handling of personal information, giving consumers control over which data is used and how it is used to verify their identity.” – Ajay Banga, president and chief executive officer of Mastercard.

When are Casinos that Accept Mastercard Not a Good Idea?

Mastercard casinos are a desirable choice in most circumstances, but there are some exceptions. For example, if you want to be able to withdraw money more quickly, Mastercard is not a good option. Withdrawals can take up to five days. However, this is the same with all credit card transactions at online casinos.

How We Decided Payment Methods to List

Mastercard Casino Payment Alternatives

There are a lot of options available when you want to deposit and withdraw from an online casino. The most direct competitors to Mastercard are VISA and American Express (AMEX). Both are also credit and debit card companies, and both also have comparable security features, are as widely available, and as easy to use. Online casinos are also increasingly embracing digital technology. E-wallets like PayPal and Neteller are now frequently supported by casinos, while cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are also carving out a new niche. It is worth checking with your online casino if they support any of these Mastercard alternatives:
  • Payment Method
  • Deposit Time
  • Withdrawal Time
  • Review
Visa payment method
up to 3 Days
View Review
Neteller payment method
1-2 days
View Review
Skrill payment method
2-3 Days
View Review
Bankwirepayment method
1-3 Day
1 Week
View Review
Bitcoin payment method
up to 1 Day
up to 1 Day
View Review


Mastercard is one of the most convenient, readily available, and secure payment platforms for online casinos. It is an excellent choice for many patrons because most people already have a Mastercard debit or credit card. Noted for strong security tools and excellent rewards programs, Mastercard is supported by most online casinos. While Mastercard has often been considered the younger sibling of Visa, and they are often lumped together in conversations about credit cards, it is definitely a unique payment method. In the online casino world, Mastercard has faced more adversity than other credit cards, and yet it remains a popular choice for players. We hope that this page has given you some insight into what makes a site that accepts Mastercard great and that armed with this information you can now find the site that best suits your needs.


What happens if my Mastercard deposit is rejected?
If this happens to you, don’t panic. Due to the company’s conservative stance on online gambling, many Mastercard transactions fail outside of Europe. You are best off trying to use your Mastercard to fund a third-party payment method and use that one directly with thecasino instead.
How can I trust that my information will be safe?
Casinos do not hold onto your credit card information. This information is held by the processor itself, and it is typically encrypted aside from the amount of the transaction. This makes it very difficult if not impossible for someone to sabotage the system and steal your credit card information. If, however, you notice some behavior on your Mastercard that you think is fraudulent, then you should contact the company immediately to have your card frozen while they investigate.
Which is better: Visa or Mastercard?
For players, there really should be no difference between the two payment methods. However, operators may be charged different sets of fees for the cards, and in turn, they may push one or the other to their databases. For us, it makes sense to use the card you are most comfortable with, and if you can earn points of some sort via your card for this type of transaction, then you definitely should choose that option!
Is a Mastercard credit card safer than a debit card?
Debit cards are usually linked to a bank account whereas Mastercard credit cards come with the company’s full security protections. For example, if a card is stolen, any unauthorized payments can be canceled, and money restored.
Are Mastercard casinos a good choice?
Mastercard is one of the world’s most common payment platforms and is available at most online casinos. Because most patrons will already have a Mastercard card, it is more convenient than other alternatives.
How safe are Mastercard casinos?
Mastercard and your issuing financial institution have robust security measures in place to ensure your finances and personal details are secure. Among the security tools offered by Mastercard are anti-fraud measures and robust identity theft mitigations.
Can I use Mastercard alternatives?
Yes, online casinos will offer a wider range of payment options. Direct credit card competitors include American Express and VISA. Digital financial services supported by some casinos include e-wallets like PayPal and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.
We would love to hear your feedback on using PayPal for your casino transactions, so please feel free to email us, and we’ll add your information to our review pages!