Best Casino Bonuses

If you have ever been to an online casino site, you have probably been bombarded by banners, pop-up messages, and scrolling text offering you a bunch of great bonuses. These are designed to make you want to deposit at a casino, but sometimes the numbers, percentages, and offers can all be very confusing. We totally understand, and that is why we put this page together to give you a bit of a primer on everything you need to know to find the casinos that have the best bonuses.

Our Favorite Casino Sites for Bonuses

While it would be very hard to find a casino that doesn’t offer bonuses at all, we have waded through the different offers for you. For each site, we have broken down the bonuses in detail to determine their true value to players, and from these reviews, we have compiled this great list of sites that we recommend if you are a bonus hunter. **< insert box with Recommended Casino sites for Bonuses here >** These sites are an excellent example of how wide the array of sites really is in the industry. However, each of these sites receives top marks from us on:

Are Bonuses Really Worth It?

Casino games all feature a house edge. This edge ranges depending on the game that you are playing, but at the end of the day, they don’t open casinos to pay players. While there are many strategies that you can employ to give yourself the best chance of lowering the house edge (we actually have a full strategy section here: **<insert link to Strategy page here>**), having your money working for you through bonuses gives you an extra bump that may bring the edge down to zero! Let’s face it: if you look in your wallet right now, you probably have many different types of bonuses from other industries. Maybe it’s a credit card that gives you cashback or a loyalty card from a fast food restaurant. At the end of the day, we all love getting something for “free,” so taking advantage of these bonuses is a great way to do so.

Different Types of Bonuses

As we mentioned, after a while, all these offers can sound and look the same. Let’s have a look at what the major categories of bonuses entail.

No-Deposit Bonuses

These are the best kind, right? A casino may offer you some free spins or chips just for registering an account. Now, there will be loads of restrictions on these offers, but hey, you are getting something for nothing, so we won’t complain too much. You should take these offers whenever you can.

Deposit Bonuses

When you make a deposit at a casino, you should be looking for some sort of offer for doing so. This can be for your very first deposit (the welcome bonus) or subsequent deposits (reload bonus), but the best casinos offer you something every time you pull out your wallet to send them some money.

Loyalty Bonuses

Similarly to many of the loyalty programs that exist in retail, a good casino site will offer you points to accumulate while you are playing games. These points have a cash value to them, which gives you a small amount of money back into your account when you redeem them. Treating loyal customers well is paramount to the success of any online casino, especially since the operator can’t offer you free hotel rooms at their property. We have a page on our site that goes into bonuses in more detail if you are interested in learning about everything you could be offered by a casino. **< insert link to Bonuses page here >**

How We Determine the Best Sites for Bonuses

Bonuses have become more standardized over the years as companies have realized that there are those out there trying to find a way to take advantage of any edge they can find. However, there are still some differences in the way bonuses are earned and given, as well as differences in each site as well. When we review a site, we dig into the core of each offer to see if there is anything you should know about it, and we report the details of our findings. Here are some items that are on our checklists.

Wagering Requirements

When you receive a bonus, there are definitely some terms and conditions around it, and one of the main points is the wagering requirement to earn a bonus. The wagering requirement is the amount that is you are required to bet to earn a bonus. It is typically calculated as a factor of the deposit and bonus amount, i.e., 20x the sum of the two.

Conversion Rates

Earning all the loyalty points is great, but where one casino can be different than another is in the conversion rate for these points to cash. This can vary by site but also by your VIP status level at an individual casino. This is a motivating factor in staying loyal to a brand, and a casino has the power to increase those rates to a point where you won’t want to play anywhere else.

Withdrawal Limits for Bonuses

You could make a huge deposit and receive and earn a great bonus but be met with great disappointment when you go to cash out. The fact is that casinos don’t like to give away their money, so many of them put limits on the amount of converted bonus money that you are allowed to walk away with. We look for sites that have the highest limits or none at all, and those get the highest marks from us.

What Games Do They Offer?

This seems like a no-brainer to us. A casino that offers you a bunch of great bonuses is useless if the games they offer are sub-standard. We look for casinos that not only have the most content to choose from in their lobbies but also those that have chosen to work with the best suppliers in the market today.


The world of online casino bonuses is continuing to evolve, so it is likely that we will be updating this page on a regular basis. However, the core concept remains the same – you want to find the sites that offer you the best chance to squeeze the most out of your money at the tables. While it may seem like only pennies on the dollar, remember that those pennies could add up to the cash you use for one spin of the reels or hand of cards that turns you into a big winner!

Frequently Asked Questions

I had a bonus in my account, but it is gone now. What happened?
Casino bonuses tend to come with an expiry date. Sites want you to play games, and creating urgency around the bonus offer is a great way to do it. Some bonuses expire within a few hours, and others expire much further down the road. Check the terms and conditions of promotions before you select the bonus, and that way you won’t be caught off guard.
Can I use two bonuses at once?
This is something that once again boils down to the individual site and its bonus policy. Typically, you won’t be able to combine two of the same bonuses (two different deposit bonuses, for example), but you may be able to earn from a combination that doesn’t involve the same style. And of course, you are always earning loyalty points regardless of what bonus you are trying to earn.
Should I make the maximum deposit to get the best bonus?
Well, this all depends on a few factors. First, read the terms of the bonus, and if you feel you can earn the maximum value from the bonus, then it may be worth making a big deposit. Second, make sure the bonus won’t expire while you are playing. Finally, we have to urge that you err on the side of caution when it comes to gambling. Play within your means, and if that prohibits you from making a max deposit, so be it.