About Us

Legit Casinos Online was started out of a desire to cut through all the noise online about online gambling to bring readers a concise, up to date, honest and legit set of opinions about the growing numbers of casinos online. We are a fresh face on the scene but don’t be fooled; our team brings with it a long history of experience across the board. We all share the same goal: honesty and respect for our readers.

Here’s the thing: all casinos are designed to make money for operators. You wouldn’t expect billions of dollars to be spent building casinos in Las Vegas if they expected players to walk out the door with all their cash, would you? The same goes for online casinos; while the initial outlay isn’t nearly as big as building a property, a significant amount of capital is required to start a successful online gaming site.

So, if this is the case, then why even bother playing the games? Well, clearly the thrill of winning is the main allure for players. One of our top priorities at Legit Casinos Online is to ensure that you know as much as you can about the games you are playing to sit down at the felt with the absolute best chance to come away from the session a winner. We have a roster of experts on staff who have written guides to many of the traditional casino games. These guides house information ranging from the simplest explanation of the rules for the novice player all the way to the most advanced strategies for those who consider themselves to be professional gamblers.

A tough question to ask these days is “Where should I make my deposit and start playing?” This question is not that simple to answer; many factors play into the decision. These include where you live, what software the company uses, what games they offer and what types of promotions are available to players. Before embarking on this site’s journey, our team spent months reviewing and analyzing other casino review sites; we all came back to the same conclusion. It appears that most of these sites don’t care about their readers, but really just want you to click on one of the links.

While we don’t run this business out of the goodness of our hearts, we here at Legit Casinos Online are committed to being as honest as possible with our reviews. We could recommend every site we come across as some other sites do; that just seems like doing a disservice to you folks who came looking for honest expert opinions. We have no issues telling you which sites you should avoid; unlike some other review sites where casinos can pay a premium to get a glowing review, we pride ourselves in not taking that kind of money. In fact, we love getting the angry responses from casinos if they get a bad review from us; we can then work with them to bring their level of quality up to our standards.

The Team

Our team at Legit Casinos Online has experience in all areas of the online gaming world. We capitalize on this knowledge to bring readers the most honest reviews, the most comprehensive overview of promotions and marketing, and up-to-the-minute news pieces that could affect your gaming accounts.

Leading our staff of casino experts is Alicia Miller. She has almost twenty years of experience in the online gambling field. She has spent time living in Australia, Europe, and North America, gaining valuable on-the-ground experience in each jurisdiction. With a strong background in online casino marketing, Alicia Miller is able to quickly determine if there are any red flags at an online casino; this kind of insider knowledge means that you as a reader know you are getting the entire picture when you read one of the reviews.

Alicia also understands the ever-changing legal climate around online gaming; what has transpired to get to this stage, what regulatory changes are in the offing, and which sites accept players from particular countries. These days, you can never have too much of this information, and you will see that our reviews at Legit Casinos Online are definitely detailed. From the software being used by each casino to reviewing the banking options for players in each country, Alicia leaves no stone unturned when completing her research, meaning you can be assured that you are reading the most comprehensive overview of a site you will find anywhere!

Along with Alicia, there are a series of writers at Legit Casinos Online, each bringing a different area of expertise to the site. Another goal of ours is to make sure that when we address a topic, whether it is a game strategy or changes in the legal climate, we have someone who can speak knowledgeably on every subject. We want you, the readers, to take advantage of our years of industry expertise so you can be the most informed when making your online gaming decision.

Our site doesn’t just stop at reviewing sites and giving you lessons on the different casino games. Our blog posts often touch on the lighter side of the industry (it doesn’t always have to be business-like in our offices). For these sections, we also enlist freelance writers who have a journalism background; you’ll enjoy their take on the world of gambling.

What does this all mean for you? Well, at Legit Casinos Online you are treated as one of our own. We want to ensure that you are put in the best possible position to be a winning player (or at least to have the most enjoyable time losing).

We follow a well-defined set of goals at our site:

This is, of course, a work in progress. We can never look at Legit Casinos Online and say “OK, well that seems to be everything” and just walk away. The online gaming world is ever-changing, and our staff will stay on top of every trend to make sure you stay up to date on everything that affects you and your gaming accounts.

We aren’t in the business of making money off people’s misfortune; we are dedicated to ensuring that all our readers gamble responsibly and within their own means. With that in mind, we offer an entire section on problem gambling, featuring signs you may have a problem, ways you can self-exclude from gaming sites and also contact information for facilities that can help you if you get in over your head. Please take the time to read these pages; it can mean the difference between enjoying your time playing games online and losing everything.

And finally, we would be nothing without you folks who are playing at these casino sites we review! We always encourage our readers to send us their thoughts, concerns, and experiences; we use this information to bulk up our review pages, allowing you to be a part of the process! If you ever want to get a hold of us, you can do so very easily by sending us an email.