Online Casino Blacklist

Welcome to our list of blacklisted online casinos. On this page, you’ll find lots of information on how to spot and avoid scam casinos, as well as a list of casinos you should avoid at all costs. These casinos have been checked out by our experts and did not pass our rigorous reviews.

We urge you not to ignore the information on this page. These operators run rigged games, steal your money and information, and are not worthy of your patronage. Stick with our approved casino sites instead.

We frequently updating this page to help you avoid rogue operators who want to rip you off. Lots of casino review sites talk a good game about protecting players and holding unfair operators to account, but few of them go to the lengths we do to keep rogue casinos in line.

There are many reasons why a casino might find itself on our blacklist, but they all boil down to one fundamental fact: in one way or another, the casino isn’t treating players fairly. We’ll get into more details on this page, and we’ll explain each element of our casino blacklist in detail, but remember that it all comes down to them being dishonest towards players.

Sadly, we don’t live in an ideal world where every casino operator plays fair, pays on time, and treats you with respect. Luckily, you’ve got an experienced guide to help you dodge them.

Why Are Some Casinos Unsafe?

Rogue operators have found many different and cunning ways to rip unsuspecting players off. If you’re not aware of the fundamentally different ways they can screw you over, you could fall victim to any of them. Here are the broad categorizations of why our blacklisted online casinos are unsafe.