Paysafecard Casinos

Paysafecard is one of the most unique payment platforms and it is also one of the most common at online casinos. Most gamblers will be familiar with deposits and withdrawals through Paysafecard as it is available at most venues. Paysafecard casinos are popular because the payment method is noted for its security and is more secure than traditional banking options.

If you are unfamiliar with Paysafecard, it is a platform that gives customers direct access to a card that is purchased from local providers. When it comes to paying online, you enter a 16-digit pin. This means transactions are secure and prevent your chosen online casino from knowing your financial details. Users can also tap into Paysafecard mobile applications that allow for payments at any time and from anywhere.

While Paysafecard is noted amongst online casino gamblers, many people still don’t know what it is. That’s interesting because Paysafecard is not a new banking solution and Paysafecard casinos have been around for years. In fact, the platform has won multiple awards since it was first launched back in 2000.

Why Use Paysafecard at An Online Casino?

Because Paysafecard is a prepaid payment method, it is perfect for gamers who want to budget their money when gambling. You pre-load money and deposit it into the Paysafecard casino of your choice. Whether you purchase money online or at a selling location, you can put between £10 and £100 into your Paysafecard account.

Security is a big part of the Paysafecard package, allowing you to make transactions without sharing credit card data with your casino. With your 16-digit PIN code, that’s all you need to deposit at an online casino. It is worth noting it is possible to buy more than one card at a time and load them at your convenience.

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Safety and Security of Paysafecard Online Casinos

If a gambler visits an online casino that accepts Paysafecard, the obvious benefit of the payment method is security. Customers can keep their financial details anonymous so online casinos cannot see information such as credit card numbers. Of course, you would have to share some basic personal information to sign up for the Paysafecard casino, but nothing related to finances.

Paysafecard also provides a level of personal security as it helps you manage your budget. The pre-paid payment method has a maximum amount of £100 per card. Firstly, this means if anything bad happens and you get scammed, you won’t lose a huge amount of money. Secondly, the limit allows you to properly budget your gambling session and not spend beyond your means.

Paysafecard mobile applications on Android and iOS provide added convenience to the process but are also noted for their security. On the app, you can check your current balance across multiple PIN codes and make direct payments through QR codes.

“With Paysafecard, people can shop online quickly, conveniently, and securely, even if they don’t have a bank account or simply don’t want to enter their data online. Collaborations with brands such as Google are an integral part of our growth story and enable Paysafecard to support the needs of millions of customers around the world.” – Udo Müller, CEO of paysafecard

Paysafecard Casino Pros and Cons

  • Accepted in more than 70 countries

  • Safe payments without sharing financial details

  • Accepted by most online casinos

  • No fees

  • Helps to control budget

  • Not available in all nations.

  • More available in North America, Australia, and New Zealand

  • Some online casinos don’t support Paysafecard for withdrawals.

  • You need to top up, which is not ideal for high rollers.

How to Deposit Using Paysafecard

Depositing with Paysafecard is simple and like using a credit or debit card. When you visit a Paysafecard online casino, you will be able to deposit funds in minutes and start playing games instantly. With the Paysafecard mobile application, you can find locations for buying prepaid codes.

Follow these steps to deposit at an online casino that accepts Paysafecard:

How to Withdraw Using Paysafecard

Unfortunately, most online casinos don’t support withdrawals through paysafecard. This is not the fault of the casino, but more because of the limitations of the payment platform. Specifically, because paysafecard is a one-off transaction code, there is nowhere to send money.

That said, Paysafecard has introduced a service called My Paysafecard, which does allow withdrawals. However, only some online casinos support the feature. If your casino allows My Paysafecard, follow these steps to make a withdrawal:

What the Experts Say

“Paysafecard will provide users in Iceland with a secure and convenient payment method that has been tried and tested in dozens of markets worldwide. It makes removes the reliance on bank accounts and credit cards for online shoppers and offers direct access to many international online services in the area of digital entertainment such as gaming and esports.”- Sigurður Karlsson, Managing Director at Basko verslanir

When are Paysafecard Casinos Not a Good Idea?

Paysafecard is ultra-secure and amazingly easy to use, but it is certainly not perfect for everyone. While most online casinos accept Paysafecard, not all cities have locations where you can purchase PIN codes. Furthermore, if you want to deposit more than £100, you’ll need to buy many codes or keep heading out to purchase new ones. This lack of convenience is a problem for some users. However, if you want the highest security possible – including not sharing financial information – Paysafecard is an excellent choice.

Paysafecard Casinos Payment Alternatives

Paysafecard is one of the most interesting online casino payment methods because it is unique and has no direct competitors. However, other payment methods are available, such as traditional forms like credit cards and bank transfers, as well as digital platforms like PayPal and Bitcoin. There are pros and cons to each method, so check our payment method guides for full information.

It is worth checking with your online casino if they support any of these Paysafecard alternatives:

  • Payment Method
  • Deposit Time
  • Withdrawal Time
  • Review
Visa payment method
up to 3 Days
View Review
Master Card payment method
up to 5 Days
View Review
Neteller payment method
1-2 days
View Review
Skrill payment method
2-3 Days
View Review
Bankwirepayment method
1-3 Day
1 Week
View Review
Bitcoin payment method
up to 1 Day
up to 1 Day
View Review

How We Decide Which Payment Methods to List

Complete background checks and safety inspection

We take pride in only recommending online casinos that meet the strictest standards. All online casinos must begin by being fully licensed and regulated by an authority like the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC), we verify this first. Moreover, our excellent team of reviewers examine payment methods supported by casinos and evaluate whether they are legal and fully compliant with banking laws.

Deposit, gamble and withdraw

To understand the advantages and disadvantages of an online casino, it’s best to sign up and play games … so, we do just that. During our review process, we will deposit money, play through a variety of casino games, and then withdraw whatever profits we make. When you read the review, we know all aspects of the experience and can relate our knowledge to you.


Paysafecard is a unique payment method in the casino world that focuses on pre-paid cash and high security. With paysafecard casinos, you can pay what you want, deposit instantly, and know your financial details are never shared with the online casino.


Why use paysafecard?
Paysafecard codes are extremely popular for online transactions because consumers value security. No personal information is shared, including no banking details. In fact, your bank is not involved in the transaction at all and you’ll use a 16-digit PIN code to deposit money in an online casino.
Is it widely available?
Paysafecard is available in 40 countries and most online casinos accept the payment method. Anyone is free to buy use a paysafecard code by finding a local selling location via the official paysafecard website or mobile app.
Is it accepted at all online casinos?
Yes, paysafecard is one of the most widely accepted deposit methods at online casinos. Gambling houses know patrons value the security of the method.
Is paysafecard secure?
It’s a big yes! One of the best things about paysafecard is its security. You pay cash for a 16-digit PIN code that is used to make payments. This means you only spend what you want to, and no personal or financial information is shared. Furthermore, because there is a £100 limit, you won’t lose too much if the worst does happen.

We would love to hear your feedback on using PayPal for your casino transactions, so please feel free to email us, and we’ll add your information to our review pages!