Bank Wire Transfer Casinos

Bank transfers are the oldest way to pay and receive money at an online casino, but they are also arguably still the most secure method. When it comes to managing funds at an online casino, bank wire transfers remain efficient and safe. So much so, wire transfer casinos are the most popular in the industry.

While many casinos offer alternative payment methods, most accept bank transactions. In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about online casinos that accept wire transfer payments.

Bank transfers, or wire transfers, allow you to seamlessly move money from your bank account directly to the casino’s bank. To do this, you must exchange your financial account details. One of the benefits of this method is banks are highly regulated and are obligated to keep your money safe.

That’s why most people still use wire transfers at online casinos, and why direct bank payments remain hugely popular for all types of payments. You don’t need any third-party software or platform and you don’t need special technology, making bank wire transfer casinos extremely easy to use for online gambling.

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Why Use Bank Wire Transfers at an Online Casino?

As mentioned, the main reason patrons of online casinos use a wire transfer is because of the security offered by banking organizations. When moving money between two bank accounts (yours and the casinos), there are processes in place to keep the money secure. For example, banks can often protect users against fraud, including reimbursing any money lost through attacks.

Another reason why bank payments are preferred is because of how common they are. Wire transfer casinos are everywhere, with most online casinos allowing bank transfers. If you choose a casino to play on, there’s an incredibly good chance it will support wire transfers. If you’re a real money player and don’t want to sign up for digital e-wallets or credit cards, a bank transfer is an easy option.

Convenience is important to online casino patrons, and many like the fact banks are so accessible. Most leading financial institutions now have robust mobile apps that allow you to transfer money efficiently and securely wherever you are.

Bank Policies Towards Online Casinos

Perhaps the best thing about banks compared to alternative payment methods is they don’t have any strict policies regarding online casinos. As long as the organization you are sending money to is legal, a bank will transfer with no questions asked. This is different from alternatives, such as PayPal, which has restrictions in some countries.

Banks have no policies against online casinos, allowing you to move money to and from a reputable venue with ease.

Safety and Security of Bank Wire Transfer Casinos

Because wire transfers only involve funds moving between financial institutions (bank to bank), they come with a high level of security. Banks have sophisticated security systems and often the strongest encryption tools, which are designed to ensure your money is protected. When you perform a wire transfer, this encryption follows the money to guarantee bad actors cannot intercept it. In the worst-case scenarios, banks will often reimburse customers when money is lost through a security breach.

Banks also make it extremely hard for hackers to access your account. Many alternatives like PayPal only require email and password information, whereas banks have three-factor authentication including unique banking numbers, online codes, and more. These security steps are also in place on bank mobile applications.

Wire Transfers Pros and Cons

Wire transfers for online casinos are ideal for most customers, but nothing is perfect. Below you can read the pros and cons of wire transfer casinos.

  • Low transaction fees

  • Available at most online casinos

  • Easy to set up

  • No restrictions

  • Excellent security

  • No need for third-party platforms

  • Some U.S. banks do not allow casino payments

  • You have to give financial details to an online casino

  • Some patrons do not like to link their bank to a casino.

  • There are faster payment methods

How to Do a Bank Wire Transfer at an Online Casino

Of course, the first thing you’ll need to set up a wire transfer link with an online casino is a bank account. If you don’t have a bank account and for some reason cannot get one, check out our alternative online casino payment methods below.

If you do have a bank account, you’ll need to get the bank details from the online casino you’re visiting. Before a casino provides its financial details, you’ll have to become a member of the venue. Even then, some casinos will only provide banking details through a member of customer support. Some casinos do include their details in payment sections on their site.

Armed with the casino’s details, either visit your bank or head to online banking to set up a wire transfer. Some banks will allow you to do this online while others may require you to pop into your local branch. 

How to Deposit Using Wire Transfer

When you have set up the initial link between your bank and the online casino, making subsequent deposits is easy. All you need is your bank account details. Follow these steps to send money to an online casino that accepts wire transfer deposits

How to Withdraw Using Wire Transfer

Withdrawing funds from an online casino through a bank wire transfer is arguably easier than making a deposit. Again, it is worth checking to see if your casino has a minimum amount you can withdraw before proceeding:

  1. Step 1

    Head to the cashier section at your chosen online casino and select Withdraw.

  2. Step 2

    Select Wire Transfer as your method of withdrawal and input the amount of money you wish to send.If you deposited in another way and have not added your bank details, you will be prompted to do so.

  3. Step 3

    Check your banking details and agree to any transaction fees your bank might impose. Wire transfer is one of the most affordable fees in the casino realm.

  4. Step 4

    Click Withdraw and wait for the money to be deposited into your bank account.

When are Bank Wire Transfers Not a Good Idea?

Bank wire transfers at online casinos have several benefits, such as low fees, maximum security, and availability. However, there are some problems that we touched upon in the pros and cons list above. Perhaps the biggest problem with bank wire transfers is how long it takes for money to move.

In a world where people are used to instant transactions on PayPal, bank transfers are archaic. Whether your depositing or withdrawing, you usually must wait a couple of days for the money to appear. If you want your money to be available instantly, you should try one of the alternatives below.

Some people also don’t like having to give an online casino their financial details. It is worth remembering banks have strict security, but many users prefer to not give their personal information.

Payment Alternatives

Several alternative payment methods are worth considering:It is worth checking with your online casino if they support any of these Bank Wire alternatives:

  • Payment Method
  • Deposit Time
  • Withdrawal Time
  • Review
Visa payment method
up to 3 Days
View Review
Master Card payment method
up to 5 Days
View Review
Neteller payment method
1-2 days
View Review
Skrill payment method
2-3 Days
View Review
Bitcoin payment method
up to 1 Day
up to 1 Day
View Review

How We Decide Which Payment Methods to List

  1. History and safety check

    One of the first things we look for is whether a casino is fully licensed and regulated. Leading online casinos will be legally regulated by various organizations, such as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC). Operating under these regulations means casinos must adhere to certain practices, such as terms and conditions for bonuses, and fair play. All the casinos we review involve us checking if the casino has this level of regulation.

  2. Use the site, including deposits

    Customer support is hugely important in the online casino realm. The best casinos will have a robust support team, including numerous ways to make contacts. As part of our review process, we check these contact options and connect with support teams to ensure they are of high quality. Furthermore, we actively play at the casino, including signing up and making deposits. Not only does this let us know how easy the process is, but it also gives us a good view of how reputable the casino is.

  3. Play and withdraw

    Similarly, we extend this test by playing games and then cashing out any winnings we have. Our team can then assess how well a casino handles withdrawals and review the security of the process. We check to see which payment methods are available and use them all to ensure the casino functions within regulations.


These days, bank wire transfer online casinos are not the only option. There are now many different payment options, but still, most online casinos accept bank transfers. That’s because this method remains the most secure and has plenty of other benefits. If you’re visiting an online casino, there’s a good chance you will be able to make a bank transfer deposit and withdrawal.


Should I choose a wire transfer at an online casino?
It depends on what you value most when moving your money. If you want complete security and availability, wire transfer online casinos are your best choice. However, if you need instant transfers and don’t want to share financial details, there are other options available.
What are the pros of using an online casino that accepts wire transfer payments?
Most people who use wire transfers at an online casino do so because it provides robust security. Banks have strict encryption technology in place and can protect your money and personal data better than alternatives. Casino patrons also value the availability of wire transfers, with most online gambling houses accepting the payment method.
Does my bank support online casino transactions?
This depends on your bank and where you’re located. If you are in a country where online casinos are completely legal (such as the UK), your bank will be able to support wire transfers. Your financial institution may request details about the destination but won’t block it. In other countries where online gambling legislation is patchier (like the United States), it will depend on your bank.
Are wire transfers safe?
Yes. Bank wire transfers are probably the most secure form of payment at an online casino.
Are there fees for wire transfer online casinos?
Yes, there are banking fees and sometimes your casino will have withdrawal fees. Some banks don’t impose fees. It is worth checking and comparing your bank’s fees against alternative payment methods.
Are there alternatives to wire transfers?
Yes, online casinos have numerous ways of accepting deposits and paying withdrawals. Debit and credit cards are the traditional alternatives, but casinos are increasingly embracing e-wallets like PayPal and crypto currencies like Bitcoin.
We would love to hear your feedback on using Wire Transfer for your casino transactions, so please feel free to email us, and we’ll add your information to our review pages!