Top Visa Casino Sites for 2018

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Visa is one of the most recognized brands on the planet. The credit card company has been around for decades and was instrumental at the beginning of the e-commerce world. It comes as no surprise, then, that Visa figures prominently in the online casino world, being an option at the majority of casino sites on the market today. Not all the Visa casino sites are the same, however, and we want to help you wade through the hundreds of options to find the best for your gambling style and needs.

The Best Visa Casino Sites

With so many choices for where to use your Visa to play casino games online, we thought it might be good to start with a short list of some of our favorites. We have an entire division dedicated to finding out the differences between all the casinos out there and reporting them back to you in comprehensive reviews. We have put together the following list of recommended Visa casino sites which are at the top of the heap when it comes to:

We are sure you will enjoy playing at any of these sites, and you can read full reviews by clicking on the links below.

Why Use Visa for Transactions?

When you are using an online casino and head to the cashier, you will see all the payment options that are available to you. Now, a casino may not promote Visa or Mastercard as an option, as they incur high feesfrom their payment processors, but that shouldn’t stop you from using it if you want to. Here are a couple reasons that people tend to use Visa for their deposits.


If you have only one credit card, the odds are very good that it is a Visa. This means that if you want to make a deposit at an online casino, you don’t need to jump through the hoops of setting up a third-party account to get your money to and from a site. Heck, you probably already have your Visa number memorized, don’t you? All in all, there aren’t many payment methods as convenient to use as these cards.


Visa goes a long way to protect their users. If you are having any issues with the casino you are playing with, one call to Visa can have your transaction reversed and into your account. Now, Visa doesn’t take kindly to scammers, so you should only contact them if you have a serious issue. Otherwise, you could risk damaging your overall credit standing. However, knowing that the credit card company has your back is a nice security blanket.

What Makes a Great Visa Casino Site, Anyway?

There are hundreds of reviews on our site that detail casinos that accept Visa as a payment option. So how do we come up with the top sites to recommend to you like in the list above? Well, each review consists of hours of testing and research, and here are some of the things our experts are looking at when they write their opinions.

Software Selection

We typically start with a look at who is supplying the games to a casino. These days, there are dozens of vendors, and they are all over the map when it comes to quality. Many casinos choose to work with multiple providers now that most software is available in a no-download delivery method. This allows for easier integration into one offering, which also means more content for you when you enter the lobby. We give high marks to sites that have secured a license from one of the more reputable software suppliers in the industry.

Mobile Compatibility

Today, the phones and tablets we carry around feature the type of computing power that many PCs provided only a few years ago. This means we are spending more time on our mobile devices, and we look for sites that have an excellent mobile platform for their games. We have a whole section of this site focused on mobile gaming.

In a perfect world, the casino site you choose has a native app for iOS or
Android, but we know that some countries like the US are still prohibited from downloading these types of apps. That is why we also look for great browser-based mobile games that offer the speed and quality that we expect from a PC version of the casino.

VIP Program

The VIP program at a casino can be something that not only keeps you at the site longer, but the rewards that you receive can also be the difference in determining your profitability after your playing session. Some companies are much better than others at recognizing what makes a player loyal. We review all the programs in detail to find the ones that provide the most diversity from a reward perspective and provide all this information in our reviews.


Visa isn’t going anywhere as a company, and it will continue to be a main payment source for the online gambling industry. When you are looking for a great Visa casino to deposit and play with, there are many factors to take into consideration. We hope this page has given you some insight into how our team determines the quality of a casino and which ones are best for our readers that want to use Visa for payments.

We want your feedback on using Visa at casino sites! Send us an email and let us know any sites you have enjoyed or any issues you have run into with the payment processor, and we’ll incorporate any relevant info into our pages so we can help the entire casino community. Good luck at the tables!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make my withdrawals with Visa?

This is something the casino decides internally. Remember that they are charged a hefty fee to process your Visa transactions, so a casino may just not offer it as an option. If they do, it is also likely that the maximum you can withdraw using your Visa will equal the amount you have used the card for deposits. This allows the company to simply issue a refund, which won’t cost it as much money.

Are there fees for using Visa?

There are definitely fees for using the card, but it is highly unlikely that you will see them. Most online casinos eat the fees as a cost of doing business in this industry. However, we review all the payment options for each casino and let you know which ones pass those costs through to you. There are too many excellent Visa casino options out there for you to have to pay to make your deposits. Withdrawals all tend to come with a “processing fee” from the casino, while Visa isn’t likely to charge you anything directly for these transactions as they make their money on the interest you pay.

I can’t get my Visa to work at a casino site. What’s up?

Your deposit can be rejected for many reasons, but most likely it is because your bank doesn’t allow online gambling transactions (this is a big problem in North America specifically). If this happens to you and you want to use your Visa, you will need to register for one of the third-party funding companies and fund that account from your Visa, then use the new account to deposit at the casino.