What’s The Best Way to Cheat in Roulette?

Roulette Cheats

Sure, the title of his article may be controversial because let’s face it, no-one likes a roulette cheater or a cheater of any kind for that matter. However, it’s worth facing a simple fact that cheating does exist and there are ways to cheat roulette.

In fact, roulette is the rare casino game where you can cheat to reduce the house edge. Like all casino games, roulette has a house edge that favors the casino and is a random chance game. So, how exactly do you go about cheating a game that is a random chance?

Well, there are legal and illegal ways to do become a roulette cheater. In this post we will discuss the best ways to cheat at roulette, starting with the illegal methods. It is worth being clear that we are not endorsing the following methods as they may get you into legal trouble.

Wheel Modification

The most obvious way to become a roulette cheater is to find a way to modify the roulette wheel. If you can figure out how to modify the wheel, you can manipulate where the ball will land, allowing you to make accurate bets and win big.

Of course, modifying a physical object in a casino is easier said than done. You will need to have access to the wheel out of the gaze of security and time to implement whatever modifications you need to make. Not only is wheel modification hard to do, but it will also land you in a whole lot of trouble if you do it.

Let’s be clear, don’t do it unless you like spending time in prison!

Using Magnetic Balls

If you are dedicated to the idea of modifying the roulette equipment in some way, you would stand more chance of compromising the ball than the table. It’s easier to access the ball and swap it than it is to somehow modify a roulette wheel with no-one seeing you.

Still, if you are thinking of becoming a roulette cheater and believe swapping the original ball for magnetic one is a good plan, think again. It’s still very dangerous and has a high risk of you being caught. Oh yes, you’ll also find yourself behind bars if you’re caught.

Sleight of Hand

Being quick with your hands is much easier than somehow accessing the roulette equipment and manipulating it. Past posting has been used by nefarious roulette players since the game was first formed.

It is simple and involves placing chips onto a winning number once the ball has stopped. Pinching is the opposite technique and involves you trying to remove chips from a losing number once the ball has stopped. Both tactics are fraught with danger. Chief of those is the dealer will almost certainly catch you because they are trained for such attempts. If you are caught, you’re unlikely to be jailed but the casino will ban you and could circulate your name and photo to other casinos.

Legal Roulette Cheating at a Land-Based Casino

You’ve probably read the information above and decided against life as a career criminal attempting to modify roulette equipment. So, what options are there for the roulette cheater who wants to take a legal route?

Not many, is the answer and the one option open is not really for the average player. You’ll need to be excellent at managing data and have a load of patience. This method involves using an electronic device to store data and attempt to time the wheel spin to assess its outcome.

Online Roulette Cheats

You may be surprised to learn cheating happens at online casinos, despite the various digital security measures used in the iGaming world. However, cheating at online roulette is even more difficult than cheating in a land-based casino!

For a start, if the online casino/roulette game uses a random number generator (RNG), you won’t be able to cheat. Considering that’s 95% of all online casinos, your chances are slim. If you do find a venue without an RNG, and you’ll also need software that could hack the game. Even with this, you are probably still going to fail so our advice is to not waste your time.

How Casinos Protect Themselves

We want to make this clear. The article you are reading is more about fun and is in no way suggesting you should become a roulette cheater. In fact, we advise against it because it’s almost pointless thanks to the robust security measures taken by land-based and online casinos.

Land-based Casinos

At brick-and-mortar venues, security is high. Firstly, you’ll have security personal on the game floor looking for any signs of trouble. When you look around a casino, you won’t have to go far to see a camera. Security cameras are everywhere, and casinos take security seriously. These cameras will be manned, and security personnel will be watching them for cheaters.

However, before the security catches you, the dealer will probably do it first. All roulette dealers must meet certain criteria and must also adhere to security protocols. If you try anything funny at the wheel or table, the dealer will almost certainly catch you and flag it to security.

Online Casinos

Online casinos are even more protected against cheaters. Venues have a robust security infrastructure that makes it almost impossible to trick games. Just think about it, how often do you hear about online casinos being compromised? It almost never happens because security is so tight.

Think about the security cameras at land-based casinos and imagine these being able to follow your every move at a granular level. Online casinos have this kind of overview of what you’re doing, what software you’re using, and even what device you’re on.

Conclusion: Should I Become a Roulette Cheater?

It’s a fact that cheating happens. No matter how hard land-based and online casinos make it, some people manage to get away with cheating. However, for 99% of all players trying to cheat will fail at best and could land you in prison at worse.

Cheating at roulette is next to impossible in most circumstances and we suggest you avoid trying to do something that will get you in trouble.

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