Resisting Online Gambling When You Live Alone

Resisting Online Gambling When You Live Alone

Problem gambling is no laughing matter, and it’s something that can creep into any gambler’s life without us noticing until it’s too late. However, it’s particularly hard to manage when you live alone and have nobody to keep you accountable.

Loneliness is one of the primary drivers behind problem gambling. People who don’t have companionship seek it with live dealers, other casino players, and in the distraction of the games themselves.

This is not the right reason to gamble. What should be a fun pastime should never become a way to cover up loneliness or pain of any kind. We’ll teach you how to resist gambling online when you’re lonely.

Join a Club or Take a Class

No matter where you live, we guarantee that there’s a club or class of some sort not too far away. It could be a bowling club, a chess club, a martial arts school, or a book club. It could also be a college class at night time. It doesn’t matter what it is. The reason you’re going to join this club is for companionship, and you can learn something new, too.

It definitely will help if you have an interest in the club’s subject matter. For example, if you detest reading, a book club won’t work.

As you meet new people and make new friends a couple of times a week, you’ll find that you gamble online less. Perhaps then you’ll join another club, and another, until your social life is busy and you don’t feel the need to gamble online very often at all.

Heck, you might even fall in love. You wouldn’t be the first person to meet their partner in a club or class.

Play Social Games

Did you know that you can play almost every casino game on Facebook and through other social games sites? There are poker, blackjack, and even slots apps. None of these exchange real monetary value. Instead, you gamble digital credits.

There’s a real social element to many of these games. You can climb the leaderboards and gain recognition, you can buy other players drinks and send them gifts, and you can even open up dialogues with some of them.

Many problem gamblers transition away from real money gambling to social betting sites. Sometimes, they realize that it was never really the money they were after, but the compadre in the betting shop or the conversation with the live dealer online.

Social gaming apps are a great diversion away from problem gambling. At the very least, they’re a crutch and they won’t cost you anything.

Attend Gambler’s Anonymous

It’s the best-known gambling support group in the world, and it has branches in almost every city and town. Gamblers Anonymous is a social support group for problem gamblers. The people who attend these groups know what you’re going through. Many of them have been there and have successfully recovered, and others are on the same journey as you.

Not only will you get the support you need to stop a destructive gambling habit, but you’ll make lots of new friends. Most problem gamblers are hooked up with a sponsor who acts as a mentor. This is usually someone who has recovered from problem gambling. Genuine friendships that last years can develop.

Some people attend Gamblers Anonymous long after they’ve stopped gambling. They love the social element and they become mentors. Also, it helps them stay on the wagon, so to speak.

Use Blocking Software

You can also make it difficult for yourself to gamble online. Install software that blocks gambling sites on your computer and phone. Ask someone else to set the password so that you can’t override the system. This way, you’re effectively locked out of online gambling sites.

This will force you to pursue another hobby or do something else. You can also combine this with software that blocks the internet on your phone or devices in general. It can be good to spend less time online and more time developing new relationships in the real world.


So, you’re a problem gambler. That’s your reality today, but it doesn’t have to be your reality forever. You have the power to change, and recognizing that you gamble because you live alone is step one. Once you know what the root of the problem is, you can begin to find solutions. Hopefully, some of the above suggestions will help.

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