Everything You Need to Know About Pay and Play Casinos

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Online gambling is always changing. It is an industry unlike any other in terms of how much it tends to adjust to recent trends in terms of technology, legislation, and customer expectations. Online casinos strive to always stay at least one step ahead of the curve and anticipate changes before they come out swinging.

One of the recent trends that’s been gaining a lot of momentum in the online gambling sphere is the rise of pay & play casinos.

Like the name suggests, these are online casinos where customers can simply get to the site and start playing without going through the formal registration process and with no need for additional verification when they win and decide to withdraw their funds.

This is a whole new concept and the one that could mark the start of a revolution in online gambling. The idea works for all parties involved – players get what they want and, in turn, casinos get happier, more satisfied customers, more likely to come back and play again. It removes many of the frustrating elements while enhancing all the fun ones.

With pay & play casinos being fairly new and still relatively unknown, players are often in the dark as to how this whole concept works, what makes it possible, and why it why are we only seeing it in action now. So, this blog will try to explain everything you need to know about pay and play casinos, their advantages, as well as any potential downsides.

Pay & Play Casino Basics

The first thing you should know about these types of online casinos is that they’re not your traditional casinos when it comes to banking. Some of them don’t even offer classic deposit methods such as credit cards or e-wallets. Instead, they implement just one system that allows for instant payments straight from your local bank account.

Unfortunately, this system depends on the cooperation of the banks, i.e. it can only work with banks that are willing and technologically advanced enough to make these transfers possible. This is exactly why a majority of these new pay & play casinos are open only to players from certain countries. The system needs to work perfectly.

These casinos often don’t require registration in a traditional sense of the word. This doesn’t mean the registration process doesn’t happen. It happens in the background, which we’ll touch upon a bit later, but from the player’s point of view, everything is seamless. They get to a site, fund their account, and they can start playing. It’s almost like going to your local brick and mortar casino.

Complying with KYC Standards

Of course, all regulated casinos have to adhere to pretty strict standards when it comes to identities of their players. So, it may seem strange that they’d allow someone to simply deposit money, play, and then withdraw, without leaving any personal information with the site.

To play at these “no account” casinos, you’ll actually have to use your mobile bank ID. Currently, the most popular system used by these sites is Trustly’s new Pay N Play, developed for these particular needs. Once the customer logs in and makes the deposit, the system will transfer all the relevant player info along with their deposit.

So, the moment you start playing, the casino is aware of your identity and they already have everything they need to confirm who you are. For this very reason, players can withdraw their winnings instantly after they’re done playing. The casino doesn’t have to ask for any additional documents from you and there is no frustrating back and forth with customer support.

The whole idea really makes sense whichever way you look at it. Although players are often frustrated by KYC requests by online casinos, it’s not like casinos themselves are enjoying it, either. They have to have a whole department dealing with player verification, they lose players because of delays, and there is really little upside. They do it because laws require them to do it.

With systems such as Pay N Play, this entire process is streamlined in a way that keeps everyone happy. Casinos perform their due diligence, players are fully protected, and they get what they want most – practically instant withdrawals with no delays and no frustration.

Are There Any Risks to Worry About?

Although everything new is often hard to understand and accept, the fact is, pay and play casinos are probably among the safest ones out there as far as your financial data is concerned. Traditionally, direct bank transfers have been the safest way to move money around. The only issue was they were really, really slow.

These new systems take care of the speed problem while maintaining all the positive aspects. The casino does receive your personal information but no sensitive financial data is ever shared. You log in via your bank, which offers several layers of protection. So, there is virtually no way for someone to gain access to your account. The same can’t be said for credit cards or e-wallets.

If it is safety of your money you’re worried about, you can rest assured these pay & play casinos are among the safest gambling options out there. You’re as protected as you can be when transferring money online.

Privacy & Anonymity

While these casinos are often referred to as “no account” casinos, make no mistakes – an account is pretty much created for you when you make your first deposit. Things have just been made easier on the front end but the casino has all the information you’d usually share when creating an account yourself, i.e. your name, surname, DOB, address, etc. So, from the privacy perspective, these casinos are equally as “invasive” as their more-traditional counterparts. In fact, the money is transferred directly from your bank account to an online casino, which may sometimes be a bad thing.

Not all banks look favorably on gambling-related transactions and even though gambling may be perfectly legal, it’s usually not encouraged by your financial institution. Your bank will know exactly where money is going and there will be clear trail of all transactions. Once again, this may not be something that concerns you and most people are fine with it. If, however, you aren’t (for whatever reason), then alternative options, like e-wallets or even cryptocurrencies, provide much more privacy. Pay & play casinos certainly aren’t anonymous.

Can My Money Get Lost in the System?

With no traditional account, it may seem risky to leave any money in the casino. How will they recognize you once you go back? Well, they will apply the same method they applied when you first made your deposit. You’ll need to verify your identity using your mobile banking ID. As soon as you log in, the system will retrieve your information and show your correct balance.

So, once again, pay & play casinos are very safe in this aspect. On a traditional casino, someone could get a hold of your password and gain access to your account. Even if they couldn’t withdraw money to their own account, they could cause some damage by using your funds to play. This can’t happen with these “no account” casinos.

The only person who can log in to your account is someone who has access to your personal banking. For most people, this means they’re the only ones with the ability to log in. Banks protect their user accounts with several layers of security such as one-time pin codes with short expiration times so unless someone knows your password and steals your mobile phone (and unlocks it), they’ll have no way to touch your casino account.

Are Pay & Play Casinos the Future?

There are definitely many upsides to these pays and play casinos and the whole concept follows modern trends, which advocate faster and more customer-friendly services, rid of any annoyances. We’ve all been there, sitting with our arms crossed, waiting for a customer support department of an online casino to finally get around to us and verify our documents.

With pay & play casinos, this problem is eliminated right from the start, and this is definitely a big plus. I think we can all agree that lengthy verification procedures are something we could easily live without.

However, there is something to be said about being able to transfer money straight from your bank account to an online casino with such ease. To some extent, it feels almost as if you were given a slot machine that you can insert your credit card in and just start spinning away. The concept makes sense and it makes things easier, but does it make them too easy?

All of these are questions that remain to be answered. Pay and play casinos are certainly on the rise but it will take some time before they completely take over.

There are technical and legal obstacles all over the place, which is why only a few countries currently enjoy these privileges. However, like with everything else in the world of online gambling, there will be more and more of these as time goes by, and they definitely do seem to be the future of gambling.

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