The Most Legit Discover Card Casino Sites for 2018

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While lagging far behind both VISA and MasterCard in popularity and usage, the Discover Card is still a viable option for players who want to fund their online casino accounts. The card offers players many advantages, and while there aren’t as many sites that accept it as some of the more common methods when you find one that does, you will likely find great value in using the card. Let’s have a look at the Discover Card and why it is a successful payment method for online casinos today.

The Best Discover Card Casino Sites

As we mentioned, there aren’t as many sites that accept this card compared to those that offer both VISA and MasterCard. That isn’t really for any other reason than the processor a company is using for credit card transactions. At the end of the day, there are still many great sites for you to use your card with, including the list we have for you below. The casinos on this list all accept Discover Card as a payment method, but more than that they offer a great overall player experience. We’ll show you what we look for when rating our casinos further down, but for those of you that are ready to jump in right now, here are some awesome places to start:

Why Use Discover Card for Transactions?

These days, online casino players have many options when it comes to making deposits and withdrawals, so what would make someone choose to use Discover Card over any other? Well, there are a couple of main reasons which we have outlined here.


If you already have a Discover card, then it is really quite simple to use it to fund your casino account. With no other information required aside from what is on the card, you can head to the cashier of your favorite casino, enter in the information and have your funds immediately. Many players get frustrated at the hoops that they have to jump through to make their financial transactions with online casinos, so having this card and a site that accepts it is a great way to get money to your account quickly and easily.


If you live anywhere that you have seen television ads for Discover, you will likely remember that the company prides itself on keeping its members safe from fraud. Having access to a live agent 24 hours a day is even more important in the online casino industry, where fraud can take place at any time of day or night. Discover has many security measures in place to ensure that it is indeed you trying to use your card to fund your account.


Most of the Discover Cards come with a built-in cashback offer of up to 3%. If you find a casino that will process your transaction as a purchase and not ac ash advance, you can take advantage of this extra cash back into your account. This allows you to double up on your offers, as you will have likely been offered a bonus of sorts from the casino itself. This kind of double-dipping can have an impact on how much money you win or lose in your session, so make sure to take advantage of it with Discover card.

What Makes a Great Discover Card Casino Site, Anyway?

While there are fewer sites that offer Discover Card payment as an option to players, that doesn’t mean that you need to suffer from a quality perspective. Our team has reviewed hundreds of online casinos, and in each of these reviews, we try to find the best options for each type of player. When it comes to sites offering Discover, we look for many of these qualities.

Bonuses and Offers

When you are making the decision of where to spend your hard-earned money online, you should be looking for the sites that offer you the most for your deposit. The industry is highly competitive these days, which means that sites should be bending over backward to get you to join their family. We look for the best deposit bonuses, as well as the most compelling ongoing promotions which will keep you playing longer.

Safety and Security

When you are playing at an online casino, the last thing you want to be thinking about is whether or not your money is safe with the company. Our team looks at each site to determine which are the safest. This typically means steering players towards sites that have one or more gaming licenses, as well as those who have software audited on a regular basis. All of this adds up to a secure playing environment, which should leave you only worried about whether or not you should split those 8s against a 6 showing!

Mobile Apps

Today, more players are accessing casino games via apps than any other method. If you are lucky enough to live in a jurisdiction where gambling apps are available for download, then we recommend you find a casino that gives you the great mobile experience that comes from an app. Not all casinos offer apps for mobile players, so you should check our reviews and your app store to see which are available that also accept Discover Card.


There as some thought that Discover Card was going to be obsolete at some point, but it sure seems that the company wants to compete with VISA and MasterCard for your spending. This includes giving users a cashback offer just for using the card, which is valid at most online casinos. Whether you choose to use one of the sites we recommended above or read through some more of our reviews to find the site you are interested in, using your Discover Card is a great choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it cheaper to use Discover Card than other credit cards?
This is really up to your credit card provider and bank. The rates change for many reasons, so you should shop around before you choose any credit card. However, there will be no charges aside from an annual fee if you simply pay off your card at the end of every month!
What happens if my Discover Card doesn’t work at a site?
Sometimes, regardless of what bank or card you use, a payment processor will reject a transaction. The first thing you should check is if there were any errors or discrepancies in your order, such as not having a matching address on your card and your casino account. If everything is ok on your side, then you may want to give Discover a call, and they will let you know why the transaction has failed. You will also be receiving some communication from the site offering you alternative means of making your deposit (and maybe even a sweeter bonus!) so be on the lookout for that call or email.
Can I get paid on my Discover Card?
Most online gambling sites will allow you to make a withdrawal to the card you used for your deposit up to the amount of the deposit. This means that if you used your Discover Card to deposit $300 and won $800, you could take $300 to the card and the other $500 would have to be paid through another available method.